Who Is Bruce Newmedia And Why
Is He Sending Me These Emails?
Since we're probably meeting for the first time, how about I fill you in on who I am...and how we connected?


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As to me, Iíve been selling all my lifeÖ

Today, Iím a marketing consultant, copywriter and online marketer based in Sarasota FL. I began in Chicago and still counsel some clients there.

Iíve worked for a variety of clients -over 470 actually in at least 70 different industries...Honestly, Iíve lost count.

These niches cover everything from mom-ín-pop businesses to some fairly large international companies. Iíve provided marketing advice and strategy to companies where Iíve uncovered hidden assets or created new profit centers for them.

Much of my work in the earlier years was developing direct marketing strategies for companies that had never used this approach before.

Iíve only met a portion of my clients face-to-face, as I do much of the work by email, phone, and fax. But to be very honest, I enjoy meeting clients, so I do as much as I can locally.

I didnít start out to be a consultant/copywriter/online marketer. I worked in real estate for many years, both in sales and as an active investor. I transitioned into the real estate seminar business, and later into the general seminar/lecture bureau field.
Iíve probably delivered over 700 paid speeches to audiences in the US and Canada over a 10+ year period.

As soon as I hit my 40's I became less enamored with traveling to make a living. And this was before TSA, terrorists and shoe bombers!

Around that time, I bought an information product written by a fellow in Florida. In his book, he mentioned another Florida copywriter and marketer named Gary Halbert. So, like a detective, I followed that lead, became a Halbert subscriber, and also a Dan Kennedy student.

For some reason, copywriting clicked with me in a big way. While I never regarded myself as any kind of writer before, ďwriting to sellĒ proved to be right up my alley.

In the last decade, Iíve probably sold for myself and clients Ė and this is a very conservative estimate Ė easily over 6 million dollars in products and services.

My internet sales have crossed half a million dollars total in the last 5 years.

Anyway, thanks for reading this,